Why distance learning is a problem?

Distance learning provides an exceptional learning opportunity to the students. Though it allows for flexibility in learning methods and materials, schedules, and physical location, it also has some inherent problems. Here, we will explain why distance learning is a problem?. Let’s see them below!!

Basically, distance education is a way of spreading knowledge, where the educators and students are separated in distance or time or even both. However, it is beneficial, the physical interaction between teachers and students is missing. And it tends to lose personal interaction with their educators.

When it comes to selecting the best distance learning program, it really becomes difficult for students to determine the best course out of so many programs. Apart from that, distance learning students have to develop better time management skills. Because in this mode of learning, the students should have self-guided skills in their learning approach.

The physical absence of the instructor during distance learning will affect the student’s direct interaction. So students face isolation in their studies and hence they don’t get some sort of interaction with other colleagues in the course. Some students have no problem with the independence of distance learning, while others may feel a little lost.

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