Viticulture and Enology

Viticulture and Enology course is a three-year undergraduate qualification that provides theoretical knowledge of natural sciences and the economy. The Viticulture and Enology professionals learn about Viticulture, Enology, and wine marketing.

In simple words, Viticulture is the study of grape cultivation, while enology is the study of wine and winemaking. Any students who have completed their bachelor’s degree in agricultural chemistry, enology, food science, diet, plant science, viticulture are eligible to apply for the Viticulture and Enology course.

Furthermore, the Viticulture and Enology jobs are field workers, vineyard managers, crop researchers, pest control advisers, grower relations consultants, fruit negociants, agricultural loan officers in vineyards, and crop-related businesses. The Viticulture and Enology jobs bring you a lifetime tension-free job.

After successfully completing Viticulture and Enology course, the professionals work as Wine-growing or enology researchers, Consultant on Pest management. Also they can work as a Manager of the Winery, Wine reviewer, Wine critics, An agricultural official in charge of lending, and more.

Through the Viticulture and Enology course, the students can gain a deeper understanding of the wine-making process. Also they works in a very hands-on experience in the laboratory. Moreover, they prepare to work in the field of wine and winery production, research, critique, and management, while viticulturists work closer with vines, vineyards, and grapevine farming.

The major subjects of Viticulture and Enology are Principles and practices of viticulture Raisin and table grape production, processing, and marketing Viticulture machinery and technology Sensory science and wine Grapevine Vineyard operations, Botanical research and taxonomy.

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