Top Universities for Distance Learning program in India

When it comes to a postgraduate degree, most of the students go for distance education. Nowadays, students and working professionals are opting for the distance education process due to its flexibility and affordability. The distance learning program is becoming popular in India as well as all over the world.

Do you know when, where and how distance education was developed? Initially, distance education is available in the form of Correspondence education. It was famous in the mid-nineteenth century in Europe and then spread to the United States and so on.

In the beginning, Distance Learning in India used the finest technology available at that time. At that time, the postal system is the best prospect for people who wanted to study but were not able to attend traditional schools.

Earlier, education was accessible only to the high profile class of India, and a lot of poor & middle-class Indians doesn’t gain an education. People who gained most from correspondence education were women, professional people, physically disabled, and individuals who lived in areas where schools didn’t exist. But now the advancement of education and technology is almost creating new/ innovative changes in the education system in India.

Due to the rapid growth of the population, it is impossible to educate each and every student. However, distance education provides opportunities to students who want to improve their qualifications during their present jobs. Also, distance education is accessible to students who are living in places that are geographically far from their college campus.

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