B.A Ancient History

B.A. Ancient History is a three years duration course that focuses on the study of the written past from the beginning of recorded human history to the Middle Ages. After completing this course, there are a lot of career opportunities available for students. Especially, B.A […]

B.A Defense & Strategic Studies

Normally, Defense Studies deal with the education of military systems and national security. From B.A Defense course, students can understand the strategies and defense management among the civilians of a country. This course is mainly suitable for students who are willing to serve our nation […]

B.A Public Relations Course

BA Public Relations course is a 3-year undergraduate program that focuses on public administration management. From this course, students learn how to develop business relations, create a market image, and communicate with the media. Students after class 12 from any stream and minimum qualifying marks […]

B.A Home Science

BA Home Science or Bachelor of Arts in Home Science is a 3-year undergraduate program. This course is offered by various universities and colleges in India. So, the duration of the course may vary in some colleges/universities. The basic eligibility criteria for pursuing B.A Home […]

B.A Business Economics

Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics is an undergraduate commerce course. Generally, the Business economics course focuses on applied economics and alongside the academic training to sharpen essential skills in marketing and communication. The duration of B.A Business Economics course is three years. In particular, […]

B.A Drawing and Painting

B.A Drawing and Painting is a most interesting undergraduate degree program. This course highlights the visual textures that can be created to look like real textures, two-dimensional works of art; texture gives a visual sense of how an object would feel in real life. From […]