M.Sc Actuarial Science Course

M.Sc Actuarial Science is a two years postgraduate program that deals with the specialization in mathematics, statistics, and economics. Any students who have completed their bachelor’s with 55 % aggregate marks are eligible for applying to M.Sc. Actuarial Science distance education course. In particular, the […]

B.Com Accountancy

B.Com Accountancy is a three-year undergraduate course that deals with auditing and accountancy. Any students who have completed their higher secondary education with a minimum of 50%aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA can apply for B.Com. Accountancy course in distance education mode. Basically, Accountancy is the […]

B.A Communication Studies

If you’re looking to work in television, study human interaction, or even just persuade a friend to do something, communication studies may be the major for you. Pursuing B.A Communication Studies course provides critical thinking and an acute understanding of electronic media and interpersonal interaction. […]

B.A Home Science

BA Home Science or Bachelor of Arts in Home Science is a 3-year undergraduate program. This course is offered by various universities and colleges in India. So, the duration of the course may vary in some colleges/universities. The basic eligibility criteria for pursuing B.A Home […]

B.A Business Economics

Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics is an undergraduate commerce course. Generally, the Business economics course focuses on applied economics and alongside the academic training to sharpen essential skills in marketing and communication. The duration of B.A Business Economics course is three years. In particular, […]

B.A Drawing and Painting

B.A Drawing and Painting is a most interesting undergraduate degree program. This course highlights the visual textures that can be created to look like real textures, two-dimensional works of art; texture gives a visual sense of how an object would feel in real life. From […]

B.Sc Agriculture Course

B.Sc Agriculture is a 3-4 year undergraduate course that focuses on research and practices in agricultural science. Basically, Agriculture is the study of farming & cultivation of plants, animals, fungi, medicinal plants, and other products which are used to enhance human life. Any students who have […]

B.A Tourism Degree Program

B.A Tourism Studies or Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies is an undergraduate Travel and Tourism course. Basically, tourism is the study of tourism management, tourism development, tourism marketing, transportation industry, hotel management, etc. BA Tourism course has great value and importance in today’s time […]

B.A Public Administration Degree Course

B.A. Public Administration or Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration is a three-year undergraduate course. This course comprises the study of various theories of administration, public organizations, public services, and the constitutional framework. Normally, BA Public Administration course deals with the teaching and understanding of […]

B.A Philosophy Degree Program

B.A Philosophy is a three-year-long undergraduate course that deals with the study of fundamental questions about life, reason, and existence. This course offers many job opportunities to students. Some job roles for philosophy graduates are Executive Assistant, Senior Research Analyst, Linux System Administrator, Content Writer, […]