Book publishing is a very old industry. Most of the books that are available in the market are published by renowned publishers. However, many others take to publishing their own books and works. This course is suitable for anyone thinking on the lines of taking up book publishing as a career choice. It also provides you with the needful inputs to establish as a book publisher of your own, thus paving for self-employment. Other than books, one may also get into publishing academic journals and periodicals. Other than knowledge about printing, the course skills you in copywriting, copy editing, proofreading, distribution, etc.

The PG Diploma in Book Publishing is meant to provide an opportunity for self-employment to aspiring/practicing publishing professionals; skill upgradation/skill acquisition in various aspects of publishing; or training aspiring/practicing publishing professionals in marketable skills in various areas of publishing, including specialised editing, copyediting and online proofreading, marketing, distribution, sales etc. The unique aspect of the programme is the month-long training/apprenticeship at a publishing house which carries a small stipend and the possibility of employment thereafter.

The course is a useful one as it trains you on many aspects of book publishing. It makes you aware of the latest technologies in book publishing. The advent of the internet has added an entirely new dimension to book publishing. The course also deals with the role of information technology in book publishing. It focuses on many technical aspects like editing books and proofreading them.

After undertaking this course, you either can opt to join a publishing house or may look forward to setting up your own publishing agency. It is, however, advisable to first work for a few years in a publishing house and then shift to your own business. The experience gained from working in a large publishing house can be put to advantage once you are working on your own. You may also take to online publishing which is gaining in popularity with leaps and bounds.

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