Ph.D. Physics

Ph.D. in Physics is a span of 3- 6 years doctorate level program that comes under the Science branch. Studying Ph.D. in Physics provides in-depth knowledge on the core area of physics that includes natural laws in optics, classical and quantum mechanics, and electricity and magnetism, astronomy and astrophysics, biomedical physics, etc.  

Are you interested in pursuing your doctorate of philosophy in physics specialization? Then start your career with Sree Pashmi Institute of Management and Science, the best place for doing Ph.D. in Tamilnadu. The major subjects of Ph.D. Physics are Quantum Optics and Laser Physics, Matter Physics, Solid State Physics, and Materials Science, High Energy Physics, Nonlinear Optics, and Electronic Science, etc. 

For pursuing a Ph.D. in Physics specialization the students have to complete their master’s degree in Science or an M.Phil degree in a relevant field. Also, they must have a minimum of  60%  aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA from a recognized university. Studying Ph.D. in Physics is traditionally divided into three categories. They are 

  1. Atomic and Condensed Matter Physics,
  2. Laser Physics,
  3. Particle Physics

After successfully completing a Ph.D. in Physics the candidates are employed as Researcher, Scientist, Physicist, Lecturer & Professor, Author & Writer, Journalist, Editor & Critic, Human Services Worker, Independent Consultant, Philosophical Journalist etc. Apart from that, they can be employed in various industries, like Education, Research, Labs, Healthcare, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Marketing, etc.

Furthermore, studying Ph.D. in Physics can offer a wide range of employment opportunities to candidates in both private as well as government sectors.  Sree Pashmi Institute of Management and Science is the best place for doing a Ph.D. in Tamilnadu which enables the students to keep expanding frontiers of knowledge and provides research in the corporate or academic sector.

Bring a job in the educational, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and research sectors, by pursuing your Ph.D. Physics program at Sree Pashmi Institute of Management and Science, the best place for doing a Ph.D. in Tamilnadu. 

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