The status of women in Indian society and many of the gender perspectives have always been a sensitive issue in the country. The post graduate program in women’s studies is an appropriate one to learn a lot about this field. The government too is placing a lot of importance with issues concerning women, such as their education, employment opportunities as well as social status at home and in the community.

The course on women’s studies is a useful one, as you will get to learn about the history of the women’s movement in India and the various factors pertaining to gender justice. You will learn of the different perspectives on feminism and the feminist theories.

There are also topics on need for gender sensitive approach and stereotyping of women in the mass media. Issues such as patriarchy, marginalization of women, male gaze and biological sex determinism too are covered. Also included are the legal provisions and legislations for easy access of justice to women. Then there are topics on women’s rights, UN conventions and eliminating discrimination of women at the workplace and elsewhere.

By undertaking this program, you can work in the government and the non-governmental sector, as well as for international assignments. You can make a career in civil studies, law, journalism, media, public relations and the corporate sector. You can be part of many gender specific programs that are sponsored by various governments as well as non-governmental organizations. You may get into higher studies and enroll for master’s or research based programs.
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