PG Diploma in Translation is a Post Graduate Diploma in Translation is a diploma-level course in English translation. This course provides basic skills in Hindi and English both languages so that a candidate can translate any script work in Hindi to English or vice versa. Students who have an interest in Hindi and English literature can opt for this course. The candidates who have a degree in a bachelor’s program are eligible for the course.

It is a postgraduate Diploma level language course. Translation of two different languages is taught in this course. The students are empowered with the skills and knowledge in the areas of translation. Translators have very much importance in today’s world. This course has been prepared keeping in view the need of translation in our socio cultural and professional areas.

PGDT is a postgraduate Diploma Level Linguistic course. The Course aims to communicate Translation from English to Hindi and vice-versa. This course has been prepared to keep in view the need for conversion in our socio-cultural and expert areas.

The courses have been prepared, keeping in mind the need for translation in our socio-cultural and professional areas. The programme consists of five courses, each of six credits. It can be completed in a minimum of one year and a maximum of 4 years.

Translation is a major professional area in our country and plays an important role in our understanding of the diversity of Indian culture and society. Post Graduate Diploma in Translation is designed to develop the translation skills of the learners and train them as translators. Besides imparting the knowledge of the theory and practice of translation, it enables the students to understand the socio-cultural dimensions of translation.

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