Personnel managers working in Indian Industries have to handle a great deal of specific responsibilities like maintaining good industrial relations and having comprehensive understanding of personnel function. This industry specific program lays and develops the student’s foundation of legal and procedural matters, which makes them competent enough to navigate the endless career prospects in this field.

Communication is essential for those who dare to walk on the path of development. But it is not sufficient if the ultimate goal is to serve the people. To bring about a change, one must change their own self. This requires a level of guidance that rises above the present day teaching and training scenarios. World class is precisely what this situation requires in the matters of training and carving aspirants, first into rookies and further into professionals.

The program is designed to shape and develop the professional and leadership competencies of the students so as to become competent contributors of the corporate and industrial spheres. As a way of facilitating the most enriching learning atmosphere, notable faculties and experts from the nation’s top NITs and IIMs are an integral part of the institution and guide the students on the various aspects of management.

The industry is posing new challenges everyday in order to provide the best quality of service to those to whom they are the most accountable- the society. IMCI faces this challenge. It is determined to develop and grow with those connected to it. It is dedicated to those who come to it with certain expectations. It enables them to represent their work and their duties in the most effectively impressive manners.

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