Post Graduate Diploma in Nanotechnology is a Diploma level Nanotechnology course. Nanotechnology is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale.The course is an important and career orienting one which opens many jobs for the students after its completion.

Nanotechnology based medicine has experienced substantial growth in the last half decade.With the use of nanotechnology, advances have been made towards improved localized delivery of drugs to tumor sites, improved efficacy and reduced side effects.Many pharmaceutical companies have already begun utilizing nanotechnology to improve drug delivery and targeting.

The yearly volume of nano related patents has also increased. Pharmaceutical companies lack in-house expertise in nanotechnology, so there is a huge demand for trained experts in this field. It is, thus, important to develop a more scientific approach for strategic implementation of nanotechnology tools in the pharmaceutical industry.

The course is suitable for those who have a good background in physics and chemistry, scientific bent of mind, sound analytical skills and a natural tendency for research work. Those who can do adequate lab work and can handle applications of varied fields including bioscience, medical science, environment, electronics, security and others are suitable for it.
A professional in this field can explore career opportunities in various sectors nanomedicine, stem cell development, pharmaceutical companies, nanotoxicology and nano power generating sector, besides R&D laboratories.

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