PG Diploma in Nanotechnology

PG Diploma in Nanotechnology is a one-year diploma level program that deals with the study of combining and destruction of atoms and molecules to form different matters. From this course, you can learn new better filters for improving water purification, more effective methods of delivering drugs in medicine, and new ways of repairing damaged tissues and organs. 

In recent days Nanotechnology courses are high in demand while healthcare and laboratories are advancing in research. Pursuing PG Diploma in Nanotechnology makes the candidates clean the environment and solve various health problems by increasing the efficiency of energy consumption.  

Sree Pashmi Institute of Management and Science offers many diploma programs in distance education mode at Coimbatore. If you want to pursue a diploma in Nanotechnology you should have cleared your bachelor’s with 50 % marks from a recognized board. 

After completing PG Diploma in Nanotechnology the candidates get job opportunities in both private and public sectors. Moreover, they can hire as Applications Engineer, Director of Product Marketing, Director of Research, Holography and Optics Technician, Manufacturing Engineer, Market Development Manager, Mechanical Engineer, and Optical Assembly Technician. 

The core subjects of PG Diploma in Nanotechnology include Principles of Environmental Science, Biology for Engineers, Elements of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Fundamentals of Solid State Technology, Properties of Nanomaterials, Quantum Mechanics, and Production of Nanomaterials. 

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