Diploma in Linguistics is a Diploma level Language course. Linguistics includes a comprehensive and thorough study of a basic understanding of the three core areas of linguistics: phonetics and phonology, syntax, and semantics and pragmatics.

POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN LINGUISTICS is a master level course with duration of two year in Linguistics. Scientific study of human language with its nature, structure, and variation is known as Linguistics but it also includes semantics, socio linguistics, morphology, syntax, phonetics, phonology, and pragmatics. Candidates who want to join this course should have good interpersonal and communication skills. Candidates who are willing to take up linguistic study are suitable for it.

More clearly it is the study of language which identifies the common element connecting the languages and draws its relevance from archaeology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, sociology, English, computer science and almost every other subject. The course is an important one which provides many career options in various fields after its successful completion.

The course is suitable for those who think of becoming a language or linguistic teacher both at school and college level is most appropriate. Candidates should have self-management skills such as the ability to carry out personal reflection; time management and organization skills.Applicants should also construct and manage an argument; working as a team to achieve common goals; the ability to recognize and solve problems.

A master’s degree in linguistics can provide the foundation for a wide range of jobs such as- linguist, forensic linguist, computational linguist, lexicographer, accent coach, translator or interpreter and many more. To provide the basic understanding of Linguistics, Media and Market. To develop the knowledge of creative aspects of language used in Advertising, Media and Market.

To provide the grounded knowledge of Folk, Culture, Tradition and their interplay in Advertising, Media and Marketing.To develop the understanding and practical knowledge of technology used in Media and Marketing.

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