PG Diploma in Immuno techniques

PG Diploma in Immuno techniques is a span of 1-2 year postgraduate program that deals with the production and use of antibodies to detect specific proteins in biological samples. This course provides an understanding of the basic principles of immunology and an introduction to methods used in immunological research

In recent days, pursuing a postgraduate degree in distance learning mode is popular among students. Due to its flexibility and affordability, most of the students aspire to start their careers with distance education mode. Sree Pashmi Institute of Management and Science at Coimbatore is the best education center that offers many bachelor’s and master’s programs in distance education mode. 

Any students who have completed their bachelor’s from a recognized university with 50 % of aggregate marks are eligible to apply for PG Diploma in Immuno techniques in distance education mode. The immune system protects us from infection through various lines of defense. 

Immunologists study how the immune system works, how environmental factors influence its functioning, how and why immune system disorders develop, and how to treat these disorders. 

After completing PG Diploma in Immuno techniques course in distance education mode the graduates are employed in various job sectors such as clinics and hospitals, counseling, developmental care, public, community, and occupational health, as well as community development and relations, copyrighting, management consultancy, human resources, recruitment, training, and development. 

Pursuing PG Diploma in Immuno techniques course in the distance the students are usually hired as Researcher, Research Assistant, Lecturer, Professors, Therapist, Consultants, Health Care Workers, and Self – Employment.

The core subjects of PG Diploma in Immuno techniques in distance education mode include Innate Immunity, Adaptive Immunity,Cells of the immune system, Organs of the immune system, etc. Moreover, it focuses on serological reactions, including antigens, antibodies, and the physicochemical nature of the immunological reactions. 

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