The development of cosmetology represents an important breakthrough in health and beauty sciences. Great technological developments have already taken place in this field and many are yet to occur. In parallel, there is a growing interest from the clients, who are looking for personalised cosmetic solutions.

Budding beauty and fashion industry enthusiasts who aim to acquire professional expertise as well as a high-worth certificate must enrol for Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology as this is the most sought-after job-oriented vocational training course that is a league ahead from the conventional academic courses of the Indian education system

With a Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology (PGDC) at Orane International, you can master both. Cosmetology is as much an art as science. Cosmetology presents exciting career options in the beauty and wellness industry for young beauty enthusiasts. The course covers basic to advanced and professional levels of technical expertise in beauty, hair, makeup, nail art, mehndi, body and spa therapy

Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology (PGDC) equips beauty professionals to apply for job opportunities at cosmetology centres, derma clinics, top beauty parlours in the country, salons, spa and rejuvenation centres, nail art studios or work as assistants with celebrity makeup artists or skin doctors.

During the Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology, participants also learn the basic plus advanced techniques of nail art and extensions. Different styles of mehndi are covered including Rajasthani, Arabic, Bridal and Pakistani mehndi art

Coming to the Body and Spa therapies, a cosmetologist has to be well versed with the human skeleton system, muscular system and lymphatic system. Thorough knowledge is imparted to trainees on the aforementioned topics to make them understand the basic functionalities of our systems and how different massage techniques impact them to get the desired results

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