ME Software Engineering

ME Software Engineering in distance education mode is a two years postgraduate program that deals with the application of a systematic and disciplined approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software. From this course you can learn the system requirements, finding appropriate engineering compromises, effective methods of design, coding, and testing. 

Any students who have completed their bachelor’s in Software Engineering or any related course with a minimum of 50 % aggregate marks are eligible to apply for ME Software Engineering in distance education mode. Sree Pashmi Institute of Management and Science offers many undergraduate and postgraduate programs in distance education mode at Coimbatore. 

Pursuing ME Software Engineering in distance education mode leads to innumerable career opportunities in Software Engineering & Simulation Units, Oil and Gas Companies, Firmware Engineering Firms, Colleges & Universities, and IT Companies. Moreover, they can also get opportunities in both the private and public sectors. 

After completing ME Software Engineering in distance education mode the graduates are usually hired as Software Engineering Specialist, Assistant Manager, Software Engineer, Plant Design Engineer, Software Team Leader, Software Developer, Architect, Manager, Software Engineer PHP Developer, Software Trainee Developer, and Programmer. 

The core subjects of ME Software Engineering in distance education mode include Computer Organization, Object-Oriented Programming, Methodology, Discrete Structures, Basic Workshop Practice, Applied Mathematics, Electrical Networks, Engineering Materials and Components, Numerical Methods, Computer Methodology and Algorithm, Principles of Communication Engineering. 

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