MBA in Rural Management is a 2-year master level management program that educates students to plan, organize, and control enterprises of the rural & agriculture sector. The course raises brilliant & intellectual minds who have the will to upscale the growth of rural India and contribute to the development of India as one of the prosperous economies.

MBA in Rural management makes a student more familiar with the challenging responsibilities and emerging opportunities faced by the Indian rural sector today. It focuses on the implementation of management fundamentals, agriculture development practices and advanced applications that will lead to the improvement of living in rural regions.

MBA (Rural Management) program for imparting focused knowledge, skills and broad understanding to students in all the core areas of Management subjects like Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR, Quantitative Techniques, Economics and Rural Management. The program is being structured in such a way that students will be exposed in the areas of Rural Development, Food & Agri-Business Management where a number of job opportunities are available.

While pursuing the course, aspirants are given exposure to rural areas, interact with villagers and farmers, learn about their needs, and come up with solutions to improve their current conditions.

These days we have been witnessing some innovative and unique MBA specializations and MBA in rural management is one of the domains. This specialization is in high demand and looked forward at, by the aspiring candidates

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