MBA in Business Analytics is a four-semester Work Integrated Learning Programme designed for working professionals, who are aspiring for rapid career progression in the high-growth areas of Business Analytics and Big Data, and wish to stand out in highly competitive workplaces by acquiring a prestigious Master’s degree qualification.

Companies need to chart their future growth plans carefully so as to remain on the path of progress. In order to make companies need skilled professionals to forecast sales and other measurable parameters. This information goes a long way in understanding and influencing consumer behavior. For these purposes, an establishment needs business analysts and an MBA makes one a frontrunner for such roles. Therefore, this degree carries great value for all professionals who wish to grow in the field of business analytics.

Master of Business Analytics you’ll develop the skills to use data to better understand the world around you, opening doors to new exciting job prospects. In this degree, you will learn cutting-edge techniques, and rigorous foundations in statistical thinking, probabilistic modeling and computational techniques.

Master of Business Administration or MBA as the name suggests is an academic course that deals with the universe of administering a business. This program offers specialized knowledge in several streams. An MBA in business analytics is meant for those who aspire to build a career by guiding establishments in the best business practices. This course will empower you with a stronger understanding of data analytics tools.

This course is suitable for those with an undergraduate degree in quantitative disciplines including mathematics, statistics, computer science or engineering. The content is student-centred, inclusive, accessible and students will be expected to operate as a connected cohort of like-minded people ready to build a better society.

This program is designed to train you in business fundamentals, the technical aspects and the soft skills required to be an effective business leader. Some of the topics that are covered in this course are accounting, finance, marketing, international business relations, human resources and management.

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