Master’s degree in engineering programs equip students with in-depth knowledge and skills in a particular engineering specialty, expanding on the proficiency they gained as undergraduates.

M.Eng. degrees include theoretical courses and assignments, but they mainly focus on developing the highly specialized skills and knowledge required for students to become professional engineers in their chosen field.

When you pursue a Master’s or a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering & Technology, you’re brought into the cutting-edge world of innovative development. You’ll get the knowledge and skills you need to shape the future of technology, industrial design, and applied sciences. Engineers require plenty of ingenuity and critical thinking skills. They are the ones who take the latest scientific discoveries and turn them into cutting-edge technology, using the language of exact sciences like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Choosing the right degree program requires careful consideration of your own vision for your career. If you see yourself pursuing a PhD or a career in academia, choose a research-focused MS in engineering. If you want to increase your business operations knowledge and learn relevant strategies for communicating with and leading teams of engineers, pursue a practice-oriented Master of Engineering program.

A Master of Science in Engineering is the traditional graduate-level engineering degree that prepares students for advanced work in the engineering profession or academics. Many M.Eng. programmes also require that students go through industrial placements, where they get hands-on experience and learn what it’s like to work in the Engineering industry. To graduate, students have to complete a final project, which involves solving a complex Engineering problem using all the experience and knowledge gathered during studies.

Engineering & Technology is a broad set of subjects that deal with everything connected to the design, manufacture, and maintenance of infrastructure, devices, tools, and information systems used by society on a daily basis.These are some of the subfields included in Engineering & Technology: Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Computer Programming.

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