Master in Physiotherapy Cardio-Pulmonary | Eligibility

The Master of Physiotherapy Cardio-pulmonary course is a two-year postgraduate degree. This Master of Physiotherapy course offers in-depth knowledge on the diagnosis and study of coronary diseases, artery diseases, congenital heart defects, and valvular heart diseases.

The response of the heart to various exercises and therapies is studied in detail in this Master of Physiotherapy Cardio-pulmonary course.

These courses also contain a detailed study of various kinds of actions. That can be performed on the heart to make it more efficient and healthier in its working. 

This Master of Physiotherapy Cardio degree provides students with many career opportunities after its completion in various fields. Then, the Master of Physiotherapy course is the employer in the field. It provides the tools and knowledge to provide effective treatment.

Master of Physiotherapy Eligibility:

  • To pursue a Master of Physiotherapy course, the aspirants need to fulfill the below-mentioned basic eligibility 
  • Students must have completed a Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy or an equivalent degree from any recognized college or university.
  • Then, the students need to secure a minimum of 50% of marks at their Bachelor’s degree level to apply for this Master of Physiotherapy Cardio degree

Master of Physiotherapy Cardio-pulmonary course suitability for the students is to enable qualified and experienced clinicians. Then, to broaden and deepen their theoretical and clinical skills in cardiothoracic physiotherapy. Those who have strong clinical and communication skills, influence practice and service delivery, and work in line with government initiatives are a good fit for it.  

They should also have an appreciation of psychological, cultural, and social factors which influence their clients during their careers. The Master of Physiotherapy Cardio-pulmonary course also helps the students. To broaden their theoretical as well as practical, clinical knowledge and skills in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy.

This Master of Physiotherapy Cardio degree is perfect. For those students who have analytical skills in interpreting information on the health and functional status of clients with cardio-respiratory conditions. Based on their medical conditions, risk factors, medical treatments, and exercise history.

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