MA Punjab

MA Punjab in distance education mode is a two years postgraduate program that provides an in-depth study of different genres and the factors of Punjabi language. Any students who have completed their undergraduate with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA can apply for the MA Punjab course distance education mode. 

Pursuing MA Punjab Course in distance education provides all the flexibility to students to study on their own time. Making distance learning in the Punjabi language is the perfect option for students who are unable to attend classes of Full-time courses. 

MA Punjab Course in distance education helps you to get various job opportunities like Translational agencies, coaching centers, Television, Media, Public relations, politics, online tutoring, etc. This course allows the candidate to have a better perspective on socio-culture and historical systems of different cultures and countries altogether.

One who successfully completed MA Punjab Course in distance education mode can get opportunities for high-paying and rewarding jobs and they are hired for profiles from teachers to public relations managers. Apart from that Punjab Language experts get the opportunity to work with prestigious organizations like WHO, UNO, UNICEF, etc.

In modern technologies, choosing a MA Punjab course is an important and in-demand job. The average salary of a Punjabi Translator is 2 to 5 Lakhs per annum. It will increase based on experience and knowledge.  

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