M.Tech Nano Technology

M.Tech Nano Technology is a two years postgraduate program that deals with the study of combining and destruction of atoms and molecules to form different matters. Through this course, students can get to know about the manipulation of nanomaterials to convert it into useful and effective materials, structures, devices. 

Having your master’s degree in distance learning leads to study at your own convenient time. Any students who have completed their undergraduate in BE /B. Tech is eligible to apply for M.Tech Nano Technology in distance education mode.

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Nanotechnology engineers are trained to clean the environment and solve various health problems by increasing the efficiency of energy consumption. Nowadays Nanotechnology course is high in demand while healthcare and laboratories are advancing in research

After successfully completing M.Tech Nano Technology in distance education mode the graduates are usually hired as Applications Engineer, Director of Product Marketing, Director of Research, Holography and Optics Technician, Manufacturing Engineer, Market Development Manager, Mechanical Engineer, and Optical Assembly Technician. 

Major subjects of M.Tech Nano Technology include Director of Research, Director of Product Marketing, Manufacturing Engine, Research Scientist, Research & Development Engineers, Product Marketing Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Optical Engineer, Optical Assembly Technician, Optics and Holography Technician, and Sales Manager. 

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