M.Tech Energy Systems Engineering

M.Tech Energy Systems Engineering in distance education mode is a two years postgraduate program that deals with the concept of thermal power generation, hydropower generation, and the like. This course mainly focuses on planning the design and choosing the apparatus and carrying out the tests in the laboratory to ensure optimum energy use.

Any graduates from recognized universities with a minimum of 50 % of aggregate marks are eligible to apply for M.Tech Energy Systems Engineering in distance education mode. Sree Pashmi Institute of Management and Science offers many undergraduate and postgraduate programs in distance education mode at Coimbatore. 

Pursuing your postgraduate program in distance education has the benefits of saving both money and also time. Many students have benefited from this distance mode of education. The distance education mode helped many students finish their further education even when working or doing a job. 

After successfully completing M.Tech Energy Systems Engineering in distance education mode the graduates were recruited in various fields such as Solar Energy/Nuclear Energy Firms, Colleges and Universities, Atomic Power Plants, Oil & Gas Companies, Manufacturing Companies Hydroelectric Power Plants, Thermal Power Plants, Power Corporations. 

Furthermore, the M.Tech Energy Systems Engineering graduates are employed as Measurement and Verification Engineer, Energy Consultant, Design Engineer, Networking Engineer, System Engineer, Procurement Engineer, Trainee Engineer, Field Service Engineer, Energy Analyst. 

The core subjects of M.Tech Energy Systems Engineering in distance education mode include Energy Scenario and Energy Forms, Thermal Power Generation, 

Applied Mathematics, Energy Systems Modelling, and Analysis, Advanced Heat Transfer, Environmental Pollution Control, 

Fuels and Combustion, Hydro Power Generation, Generation Transmission and Distribution, and Thermal Utilities. 

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