M.Sc in Bacteriology

M.Sc. in Bacteriology in distance education mode is a two years postgraduate program that deals with the investigation of microscopic organisms. Bacteriology is the study of microbiology dealing with the study of bacteria. 

Any graduates with science as the main field of study are eligible to apply for M.Sc in Bacteriology. Sree Pashmi Institute of Management and Science offers M.Sc Bacteriology in distance education mode at Coimbatore. 

Nowadays most of the students aspire to pursue in distance education mode. M.Sc Bacteriology in distance education mode is the study of bacteria and related aspects such as their characteristics.

Pursuing M.Sc Bacteriology in distance to leads to innumerable career opportunities and lucrative salaries. This course mainly focuses on the action of bacteria in health and in disease, inside and outside the animal body.

After completing M.Sc Bacteriology in distance education mode the graduates become a Academic researchers, Biomedical scientists, Biotechnologist, Clinical research associates, Clinical scientists, Food technologists, and

Medicinal chemist. Apart from that, they can opt for various jobs in different profiles. 

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