M.Sc in Astronomy

M.Sc Astronomy in distance education mode is a two years postgraduate program that deals with the study of celestial objects outside the atmosphere of the earth. Sree Pashmi Institute of Management and Science offers M.Sc Astronomy in distance education mode at Coimbatore. 

Nowadays most of the students aspire to pursue their postgraduate program in distance education mode. The candidates who have completed their bachelor’s from a recognized university with 50 % of aggregate marks can enroll for M.Sc Astronomy in distance education. 

Astronomy consists of advanced concepts for scientific investigations to attempt to explain celestial marvels. Pursuing M.Sc Astronomy in distance education mode will train you to take a position in global astronomical science.

After completing M.Sc in Astronomy in distance education mode students can be employed as Astronomer, Astronaut, Lecturer, Research Scientist, Aeronautical Engineer, Planetarium Director, Senior Technical Writer, Meteorologist, Climatologist, etc. Apart from that, they can also get opportunities in various private and public sectors. 

Furthermore, graduates of M.Sc in Astronomy will learn about the effects like attractions and radiations which they produce. M.Sc Astronomy in distance education is a multidiscipline field that incorporates nearly all areas of outer space. 

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