M.Sc. Applied science

Master of Science in Applied Plant Science is a postgraduate Plant Pathology course. Botanical studies may range from microscopic observations of the smallest and obscure plants to the study of the trees of the forest. One botanist may be interested mainly in the relationships among plants and in their geographic distribution, whereas another may be primarily concerned with a structure or with the study of the life processes taking place in plants. The duration of the course is two years and it is a career originating in nature.

The course is beneficial for further studies such as M.Phil. and Ph.D. It helps to work with individual plants and plant products, from genes to traits, genetic resources, quality parameters and postharvest biology, plant functions in relation to agricultural and horticultural production and use of plants.

The course is beneficial to apply the biological knowledge to find solutions which secure environmentally sound plant production for food, feed, energy, human health and well-being.
M.Sc. Plant Science is a postgraduate Agricultural Science and Technology course. Plant science covers an immensely expansive zone, joining numerous natural orders from hereditary qualities, through atomic and cell science, to entire life forms.

Field studies structure a significant piece of our education, and you will go to two field courses, one during the principal year and another in the second. Plant Science certificate is centered around building up your comprehension of how plants work, at all scales from subatomic physiology to worldwide biology.

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