M.Sc. Applied Economics

The MSc Applied Economics focuses on developing your technical and analytical skills alongside your practical experience of how these skills are used to solve real-world economic problems and inform decision-making in a variety of environments. This unique feature sets it apart from other degrees in economics.

Master of Science Applied Economics is a postgraduate degree that focuses on comprehensive training in economic theory, econometrics, and economic modeling.M.Sc Applied Economics focuses on offering a rigorous and in-depth understanding of the economy. M.Sc Applied Economics tries to understand the various related areas like demand analysis, the theory of production, cost production functions, monopolistic competition, oligopoly competition.

The course offers one of the best opportunities to develop skills that include Problem Solving Ability, Strong Judgmental Ability, String Analytical ability, Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Strong communication, coordination and negotiation, System evaluation and Analysis, and Management of material and financial resources.

The various career options that the course offers include Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Commodity Price Analyst, Financial Asset Valuer, or Strategic Planner. Candidates can further pursue Phd. or any advanced degree after completion of the course as well.
The programme has been designed in consultation with key employers of our graduates, as well as the business, consulting and policy communities for the aspiring professional economist. This means that what you learn on the course is exactly what employers look for when recruiting new economists.

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