M.Sc Anatomy

M.Sc Anatomy in distance education is a two years postgraduate program that deals with the fundamentals of human physiology. Traditionally Anatomy is divided into two major parts. They are :

  1. Gross anatomy 
  2. Microscopic anatomy

Anatomy is the study of tiny anatomical objects using microscopes, including histology  – the study of tissue organization and cytology – the study of cells. Any students who have completed their graduation with 55% aggressive mark or equivalent CGPA are eligible to start their career with M.Sc Anatomy in distance education.

Sree Pashmi Institute of Management and Science offers M.Sc Anatomy in distance education mode at Coimbatore. Anatomy course is a natural science that involves anatomical structures which can be seen without using a microscope.

Candidates who have completed their M.Sc degree can expect a decent job role in lab assistant in various firms, clinics or laboratories or institutes. Apart from that, the M.Sc Anatomy graduates can join government hospitals, health care centers, medical lab, private clinics, etc

The core subjects of M.Sc Anatomy in distance education include functional Anatomy, Microscopic Anatomy, Developmental Anatomy and Genetics, Neuroanatomy including development and microscopic structure. After completing M.Sc Anatomy you can get the job from various sources such as research assistant, Medical scientist, associate professor and anatomy, Sr. Medical Coder and so on.

Nowadays most of them don’t have enough time to attend regular daily classes. So pursuing M.Sc Anatomy in distance Education is a good platform to choose your career  based on your own convenient time. 

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