M.Sc. Agricultural Economics

MSc in Agricultural Economics is a 2-year post-graduate program also popularly known as Agrieconomics. In simple terms, MSc in Agricultural Economics is a branch of economics that deals with the study of enhancing the production, distribution, and productivity of agricultural produce through the application of economic principles and theories.

This course covers a wide variety of topics risk management, agricultural finance, environmental and natural resource economics, supply chain management, and agricultural policies.Agricultural Economics is an applied area of Economics that integrates various sectors. It delves into various sectors like finance, economics, agriculture, management, etc due to which creates a wider range of job opportunities for the students.

MSc Agricultural Economics primarily focuses on increasing crop yield and land productivity but there are various other aspects to it.This course focuses more on practical and application-based knowledge rather than theoretical concepts.

The programme offers you a great opportunity to develop your understanding of business administration or economics and learn how your knowledge can be applied to agriculture and the green sector’s value chains and used to analyse a range of policy instruments.
Students on this programme will study in parallel with our agronomy-economics students, forming a sizable group with a genuine interest in agriculture. The Agricultural Economics and Management programme offers you a great opportunity to develop your understanding and skills of business administration or economics.

Structural changes in the agricultural sector have created a healthy demand for economists with in-depth knowledge of business administration and economics in the agricultural field. Economists within these skills are finding employment in the private and public sectors potential employers include banks, financial institutions, advisory services, agricultural cooperatives, support and lobby organisations and authorities. Some of our students also become self-employed, either as consultants or in their own agricultural business.

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