M.Sc. Advertising management and Public relations

MA in Advertising and Public Relations is a postgraduate level course which is of 2 years. The course makes candidates able to communicate with media shops to push the positive aspects of the entity they represent and mitigate negative opinions regarding the organization or individuals.

Focusing on a management approach within advertising and PR, this career entry course aims to enhance your understanding of the discipline and develop your managerial skills. Leading Advertising and PR agency, Rock Kitchen Harris, provide thought leadership on the postgraduate course, giving contextual advice and guidance on industry processes and future trends.

MA Advertising & Public Relations Course is helpful to know the newest techniques necessary to achieve the quick dynamic world of communications and the way governments use PR in period and in war as info.Course teaches the scholars a way to manage the dissemination of data regarding people or organizations to the general public.
Students additionally learn sensible skills like writing news releases, organizing press conferences, making PR campaigns, handling the media, responding to unhealthy news, inventive use of on-line and social media.

This course is aimed at students from a range of backgrounds who don’t necessarily have a background in marketing or advertising. Whether you want to work for a creative advertising agency or in-house for major international companies, our MSc Advertising and Marketing Communications degree will ensure you learn the theory, tools and techniques needed to develop into an effective marketing specialist ready to operate at strategic and tactical levels in industry.

The course prepares the scholar for business development, consumer union, media coming up with, budgeting, logistics, whole management, media shopping for and commercialism, production and inventiveness.

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