M.Sc. Actuarial Science

MSc Actuarial Science is a 2 year post graduate course which deals with the specialisation in mathematics, statistics, and economics. It is a detailed study of mathematical and statistical methods for insurance risk and financial assessment. MSc in Actuarial Science focuses on mathematics and statistics as the main subject with the specialisation to assess insurance risk and financial assessment.

With the course design in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics and Commerce as the major area, it lays a strong foundation for students to learn the techniques of the subject for practical applications. The course deals with the real life case studies and market analysis using the mathematics and statistical components with the amalgamation of qualitative analysis.

MSc Actuarial Science is a new yet trending course, and hence has a lot of market value. The person with MSc in Actuarial Science can choose from a lot of options for future prospects and career options. Students with MSc in Actuarial Science can work in an insurance sector or finance companies as an actuary or risk assessor.

As the needs of the actuarial profession and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries evolve, the skill set of actuaries is used in wider applications in both traditional and non-traditional fields, and the intake of overseas members increases, this programme is designed to reflect these challenges and ensure that it is fit for purpose for actuaries in an ever-changing global business environment.

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