Masters in Psychology is a 2-year post graduate course. It is offered under various specializations such as: clinical psychology, health psychology, Industrial Psychology, etc. Candidates who have completed their graduation in psychology are eligible to apply for the course. The selection is either based on merit in the qualifying exam or on the basis of the entrance exam. For different colleges, the course fee keeps on varying accordingly.

Analyse problems and issues concerning language, literature, social sciences, human affairs/psyche and socio-psychological or socio-political matters. Apply experience and knowledge of the subject to solve existing problems in the field of study.

Differentiate and assess how language, literature, history, sociology, psychology, political science, social work, science, technology, etc. are connected to one another and contribute to human society. Demonstrate an understanding of interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches to learnin.

One of the biggest questions facing students interested in earning a graduate degree in psygy is whether or not they should earn a master’s degree before applying to a doctoral program. Many Ph.D. and Psy.D. programs do not require a master’s degree, and students are able to begin these doctoral programs immediately after completing their bachelor’s degrees.

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