MA is an exciting programme that provides an opportunity to design a path to match your philosophical interests. You will take three core taught units plus three additional units that you will select from a range of options. Your dissertation is an opportunity to work on an extended and original piece of research on a topic of your choosing, with guidance from a research supervisor. You will develop a deep knowledge and understanding of key areas of philosophy and a sophisticated ability to critically evaluate and assess philosophical theories.

The unit Philosophical Writing and Research Seminar equips students with analytical tools and argumentative strategies essential for graduate level study and research in philosophy. Skills learnt in this unit are transferable into a vocational context and as such are highly valued by employers.

MA Philosophy or Master of Arts in Philosophy is a two-year postgraduate course that deals with classical as well as modern philosophy. After completion of Masters of Arts Philosophy, students can get job opportunities in different sectors such as Publishing Houses, Divinity, Teaching, Insurance Industries, etc. Graduates can work as Archivists, Administrators, Researchers, Interviewers, Student Affairs Manager, Insurance underwriters, lecturers, Social Worker, Content Writer, etc.

Philosophy that interests you most through a wide range of specialist modules. These include: philosophy of mind and cognitive science; ethics, metaethics and global ethics; epistemology and metaphysics; philosophy of language; and philosophy of health and happiness. Good philosophers can analyse problems and assess opinions from different viewpoints. Philosophers do not take anything for granted. This is highly useful for problem-solving and decision-making.

Good philosophers can present and explain abstract concepts and complex arguments in an accessible manner. They are also good at persuading others by presenting logical and coherent arguments.

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