Painting is the combination of ideation and materiality. It is the art of transforming your ideas into meaningful, powerful and unexpected images. Students who wish to gain insight into the quality of painting and gain the experimental perception of cognition, psychology and imagination should consider a master’s program in painting.
It is a postgraduate course in drawing and painting. Whether the art piece is realistic or abstract, painting and drawing add texture to it. There are various kinds of texture in design and art. Real or actual textures are those that can be touched. The course highlights the visual textures that look very much like real textures. Texture gives a visual sense of how an object would look like in real life.

Those students who have good knowledge of drawing and painting are the most suitable ones for this course.Those candidates who want to be a drawing and painting teacher are perfect for this course. They will have to first complete a graduate degree and then the post graduate degree.

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