Geology has been an extended stream of science which is slowly getting popularized by the rising need of studying the earth and its ability to produce natural minerals and organic material. With the gradual rise in environmental awareness and campaigns headed for the protection of planet Earth, This stream has recently been gaining more pace as an individual oriented reputed profession and has started offering exciting opportunities for the youth who wanted to explore their respective careers in this field.

M.A Geology is a two-year post-graduate programme. Geology covers the science that comprises the study of the solid Earth and the processes by which it is shaped and changed. Geology provides primary evidence for plate tectonics, the history of life and evolution, and past climates.

The programme covers nearly all aspects of geology, from minerals and rocks to glacial geology, sediments, climatic changes and the evolution of life. It aims to provide students with a wide range of geological knowledge, exposure to areas at the cutting edge of research, and a thorough understanding of the practical applications of geology. Graduates from the programme will obtain transferable and subject-specific skills that are necessary for academic research or entry into various employment opportunities in private companies or governmental structures.

Geology is a sub-field of environmental studies and earth sciences that analyses the history and physical structure of the earth, its constitutive materials and the processes shaping it. Geology studies the chemical and physical properties of earth materials including minerals, natural gases and water. It also deals with earth hazards such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and floods.

Geologists combine applied tools from the fields of maths, physics, chemistry, or biology to study the geologic environment and its impact on human life. They often specialise in a particular geological research area such as earth processes, earth materials or earth history. Professionals also use their expertise in assessing environmental problems and identifying means and ways to solve or minimize those issues.

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