M.A. Geography is a master level course in Geography with a duration of two years. Study of Earth is known as Geography but it also includes aspects such as attributes, topography, land, people and phenomena. It not only covers the where objects are but how they have changed and come to be. Spatial Analysis, Statistical Techniques, Computer Aided Mapping, Thematic Atlas, Contemporary Human Geography, Political Geography, Agricultural Geography, Environment and Ecology, Spatial Economic Systems, Natural Resource Management, Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and GIS, Advanced Physical Geography are the subjects covered by Geography.

MA in Geography focuses on solving local, regional, and international issues as it relates to the land, environment, and population of a society. You might choose to specialize in sustainability or geospatial technology. Graduate programs encourage problem-solving research and critical thinking skills. It prepares you for a career in which you will need to work closely with others. Geographic information is important in social, economic, and environmental issues.

You have more options in your career field when you go on to earn your MA in Geography. Most programs have an in-depth research area of study that benefits you by training you how to look at real world applications. If your program includes a thesis, you have an opportunity to hone your interests and put together a detailed project to benefit your community.

MA in Geography prepares you to teach at a collegiate level, whether or not you plan to pursue your PhD. You might choose to consult with an engineering or architectural firm. Many public companies require specialists in geography to help them maintain sustainable efforts while they handle building projects which impact the environment. Geospatial analysis is an emerging field, especially in the military community.

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