Job Opportunities for B.A. Statistics Graduates

Statistics is one of the best courses that you can choose for a bright career in the future. Don’t you know what are job opportunities are available after B.A Statistics course? Statistics is the study of the science of collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of numerical as well as categorical data.  

Especially, the B.A. Statistics prepares students to know how to gather the core principles of research. There is a wide range of career opportunities available for B.A. Statistics candidates in both private and public sectors. Additionally, the B.A Statistics course enables the learners to develop their technical and mathematical skills.

After successfully completing B.A. Statistics course the students are mostly employed in the banking sector, Software sector, Quality control sector, trading organizations, Financial organizations, Insurance firms, and so on. 

Job Opportunities for B.A Statistics Course:

However, the opportunities in Statistics are increasing at a rapid rate in the various sectors. Also, the B.A. Statistics graduates are working as the following job profiles:

  • Data scientists,
  • Market researchers,
  • Financial analysts,
  • Cost estimators,
  • Business analysts,
  • Statisticians,
  • Database administrators,
  • Economists,
  • Software engineers,
  • Financial Quantitative Analysts,
  • Accountants,
  • Operations Research Analysts,
  • Stock traders,
  • Business Analysts,
  • Market Research Analysts,
  • Statisticians

In recent years, “Statistics” has come among one of the best choices among students to choose as their career. Usually, the B.A. Statistics graduates select their career as Market researchers. Also, they are well-trained to analyze industry-related conditions to forecast sales for products and services. So start to pursue your undergraduate degree as B.A. Statistics and enhance your career in particular sectors of society.

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