The Horology program is a three-year undergraduate qualification that provides theoretical knowledge of the different types of watches. Horology professionals learn about clocks and watches, and they are able to develop specialist skills. Moreover, the Horology course involves the measurement of time and the making of clocks.

In simple words, Horology is the study of clocks and watches, which operate in both mechanical and electronic. Any students who have completed their bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with 50 % of aggregate marks are eligible to apply for the Horology course.

Furthermore, the Horology jobs are watchmaker, horologist, watch repair mechanic, clockmaker, watch mechanic, and Horology specialist. In fact, the Horology job brings you a lifetime tension-free job. After successfully completing Horology, the professionals work as watchmaking or enology researchers, Consultant on Pest management,

Becoming a horologist requires patience, dedication, and the completion of watchmaking school or an apprenticeship. Through the Horology course, the students can gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and designs for watches and bring those designs to life. They are also skilled at making needed repairs to watches. Moreover, they are able to develop hands-on experience with crafting and repairing watches.

The major subjects of Horology are a brief history of timekeeping, servicing clocks and watches, timing machines, water protection, clock escapements, basic electrical theory, workshop equipment, small hand tools, lathe work, and soldering in practice. Bring Horology jobs successfully, by completing a Horology course with us. If you want to know more details about this course, feel free to contact us and focus on your learning now.

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