High salary jobs for B.A Social Work Course

B.A Social Work is one of the best academic programs that mainly focuses on various aspects of society. When you choose to start your careers with B.A Social Work you can get a strong foundation in the process and causes of interaction between people, societies, culture, and the multitude of interactions among these. Apart from that, you can find the high salary package jobs for your B.A Social work degree.

Nowadays, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement criteria for most jobs around the globe. So while you decide your career with B.A Social Work course as your undergraduate, you can easily clear all the exams and find your best job.

Especially, the job possibilities after completing a B.A. Social Work courses are both diverse and varied. The graduates of B.A. Social Work finds jobs in academic institutions, media, embassies, translating firms, etc. Also, the students can find jobs in business, education, law, social research, architecture, medicine, social work, and public administration. According to PayScale, the entry-level salary of sociologists is around Rs. Rs. 2,00,000 – Rs. 4,00,000 per annum.

Salary Package for B.A Social Work:

The salary package of a B.A. Social Work course is different based on the job profile, company size, base location, and experience of a candidate. So here, we will explain the basic salary scale of some of the most popular B.A. Social Work Jobs.

  • Teacher/ Professor – The teaching professionals are responsible to educate the students about society and social behavior by examining the groups, cultures, organizations, also they can get the average salary of INR 3,00,000 LPA.
  • HR Executive – Social Work graduates study human behavior as a part of the B.A course in Social Work. This makes them well-equipped for a role in the Human Resource department of any organization. So the HR Executive can get the average salary of INR 4,00,000 – INR 5,00,000 LPA.
  • Psychologists or Guidance Counselor– A psychologist is responsible for providing students with academic assistance and guidance with the use of their knowledge of the community. Especially, they can find a job with minimum INR 4,00,000 – INR 5,00,000 Lakhs salary per annum.
  • Management Consultant – After successfully completing B.A. Social Work course, lots of students are to work as a Management Consultant. They are responsible to assess business issues and look for possible solutions. Also, they get INR 2,00,000 – INR 3,00,000 lakhs Salary per annum.
  • Social Worker – They use the knowledge of social dynamics, and social institutions learned as a Social Work major to evaluate client issues and help resolve problems. Social workers provide the excellent service to our nation, so they get INR 3,00,000 – INR 4,00,000 lakhs Salary per annum.
  • Journalist – A journalist is trained to gather the information in form of text, audio, pictures or live actions and processes them to a news-worthy form and disseminates it to the public. Also, they can get a salary of INR 3,00,000 – INR 4,00,000 LPA.

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