Find your Dream Job with B.A. English Literature

Nowadays, completing graduation is considered one of the biggest accomplishments for students. However, when the students achieve this short-term goal, they can face another difficulty. That is whether they go for higher studies or look for employment opportunities. In a fast-developing society, a single graduate degree is not enough to sustain in this competition. But most of them don’t have enough time for their studies. So they focus on their career. Don’t you know what are placement opportunities available after completing B.A. English Literature?

B.A. English is a three-year undergraduate program that deals with the study of linguistics and specific areas of literature. From this course, you can study the major subjects that include Indian Classical Literature, Popular Literature, American Literature, and various other electives such as Text and Performance, Language Literature & Culture, Media and Communication Skills, etc. 

B.A. English course provides innumerable career opportunities in both the private and public sectors. After successfully completing B.A. English course the student can mostly fin a job as Content Writer, Creative Writing, Journalism, Mass Communication, Law, MBA, Social Media Marketing, Civil Services. 

Job Profiles for B.A. English Literature Graduates:

Pursuing B.A. English provides decent job profiles for your life that are given below:

  • Production assistant,
  • Editor, Technical Writer,
  • Creative Writer,
  • Marketing associate,
  • Reporter,
  • High school English teacher,
  • Communications officer,
  • Social media manager,
  • Paralegal,
  • Human resources generalist,
  • Public relations manager,
  • Content manager, Librarian,
  • Publisher,
  • English professor,
  • Research analyst,
  • Lawyer,
  • Brand strategist,
  • Internal communications executive and so on. 

Furthermore, the B.A. English course helps to develop your Research skills, Creativity, problem-solving, Empathy, Social awareness, writing skills, Verbal and nonverbal communication, How to analyze and process information, Attention to detail Organization, and more.

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