Display ads are a lucrative method of advertising for marketers looking for ways to reach and acquire customers. They make generous use of visual media in the form of texts, images, or even videos to catch people’s attention.

Online advertising also known as Internet advertising is the process of delivering promotional marketing messages to consumers through the internet. It includes advertising networks, blogs, banner ads, rich media ads, interstitial ads, contextual ads on search engine result pages, social network advertising, online classified advertising, dynamic banner ads, e-mail marketing and cross platform ads.

When thinking about consumer journey, we should begin by looking at the start of the funnel at the Awareness stage to see how we can expand the reach of our product, our promotion, or our service to a wide audience and bring them into the conversion funnel. One of the main channels at the top of the funnel is online display, advertising and video, and different things like that.

The display advertising targeting feature ensures that your ad reaches the right audience, and ad spend isn’t wasted on a demographic that isn’t interested in your product/service. The multitude of options available when it comes to display ad targeting can be overwhelming; it is important to have clarity about the kind of demographic that you want to cater to, and accordingly choose from available targeting options.

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