Diploma in Radiology Therapy is a 1-2 year duration postgraduate course offered by various colleges and universities in India. It is one of the popular courses opted by the students in the field of medical diagnosis, and medical science.

This course covers a great portion of cancer and its treatment through proper diagnosis and medical procedures. DMRT also deals with several internal body diseases and establishes diagnosis of various hidden parts of the human body.

This course deals with the diagnosis sector of Medical Science and Radio Diagnosis through Radiation Therapy. DMRT is the ideal course for the students who are willing to pursue this and devote themselves to serve humanity and mankind.

Radiation therapy is the treatment of cancer and other diseases with ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation deposits energy that injures or destroys cells in the area being treated (the “target tissue”) by damaging their genetic material, making it impossible for these cells to continue to grow.Radiation in high doses kills cells or keeps them from growing and dividing. Because cancer cells grow and divide more rapidly than most of the normal cells around them, radiation therapy can successfully treat many kinds of cancer.

The study demonstrates sufficient understanding of basic science related to diagnosing and managing theoretical knowledge related to, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology & Hematology, Pharmacology, Radiodiagnosis, Radiation Physics Radiobiology, Radiological Protection and Computer Science.

DMRT encounters various medical techniques and true Medical Procedures to fight off deadly diseases like cancer, internal body injuries and diseases etc. Diploma in Radiology Therapy focuses on treatment using Radiations such as Chemotherapy, Radio Therapy etc. This course helps in curing serious diseases and also contributes towards the betterment of society.

This Course programme is itself a medical contribution to the society for the benefit of mankind and especially for the procurement of the medical tools to diagnose the lethal diseases like cancer and all. DMRT courses are gaining popularity nowadays and offer diverse career opportunities. This further affirms the immense popularity of the course among students.

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