Diploma level Radiography course. Radiology is a division of medicine, which uses imaging technologies such as x-rays, MRIs and CT scans for diagnosing as well as treating diseases. The course deals with allergic contrast reactions & be aware of resuscitation methods and helps to acquired good Basic knowledge in the various subspecialties of radiology such as Neuro-radiology, GI-radiology, Uro-radiology, Vascular-radiology, Musculoskeletal, Interventional radiology, Emergency radiology, Paediatric radiology and Mammography. The course is an important one that opens many career scopes for them after its completion. The course involves both theoretical study and practical workshops in all the fields of radiology.

The course is considered as a branch of medicine and covers basic knowledge of working MRI, X-Ray, CT Scan machines as well as allergic contrast reactions, resuscitation methods. It is beneficial to acquire knowledge of Radiation physics related to Radio-diagnosis, Radiography, Image quality, and Radiation Protection and to understand the physical principles, image formation, artefacts, limitations, advantages & clinical applications of various image modalities like Radiography (conventional & digital), US, Doppler, CT, MRI, DSA, Mammography & Nuclear Medicine.

Students must balance both their degree scores and prepare for their entrances as well, since both are important to secure admission to the Diploma in Medical Radio-Diagnosis course. All of this can be too much pressure, so students must take care of their health and not overwork themselves. Students must take their leisure time to relax their minds every once in a while.

After completing this course, a candidate can go for various government and private jobs in all the hospitals and medical colleges in India. Apart from these, the candidates can also find jobs in various diagnostic clinics of India.After completing MD in Radiology, a candidate can start his own radiology centre, or work in a senior position in any radiology centre.

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