Diploma in Diabetology is a Post graduate level degree lasting one to three-years. The course is available for students who hold a MBBS. The candidates who wish to become diabetologists and are interested in doing research in diabetics, will be very suitable in this course because the course offers detailed information regarding Diabetics to students.

This is where the diabetologists come into the picture. Diabetology opens the doors for a career as a licensed doctor who specializes in the field of Diabetes and usually has a background in endocrinology. Due to the changing lifestyle and more awareness for health-related problems, the demand for such specialists has been ever increasing. Diabetology course involves conducting blood tests to detect and monitor the changes in the level of blood sugar in the patient’s body. The most important job of a Diabetologist is to not only treat the patients but also show them how to manage the disease in the best possible way.

Students who wish to become a diabetologist and want to perform some sort of research in this field are well suited to this course. Diploma in diabetology offers detailed information regarding diabetic study to the students.

Students interested in a Diabetology diploma must ensure they have a good interest and patience in study and understanding diabetics because diabetics is one of the most widespread diseases worldwide. And the course will offer detailed study in the field in the duration available which is 1-3 years.

Diabetology is a branch of Endocrinology that deals with Diabetes mellitus. Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a common metabolic disease that causes a high level of blood sugar. In this chronic condition, there is an insufficient production of insulin which is responsible for moving sugar from the blood into cells. It can adversely affect various other body parts like the heart, brain, eyes and kidney.

The career options in the diploma in diabetology course include employment in various organizations such as in colleges and universities, laboratories, hospitals etc. Upon completing the course, students can go into different job profiles as lecturer or teacher, a diabetologist, a researcher, an endocrinologist.

Though just a diploma level degree, diploma in Diabetology offers a wide range of career options. Most of them are laboratory related work or working in hospitals. The main work involves diagnosing patients’ diabetic levels, prescribing medicines and also testing blood samples in the labs and in hospitals.

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