Data Science is a combination of mathematics, business acumen, and machine learning algorithms to analyze, make predictions and draw conclusions from unstructured data sets. Data science is a popular career choice and has applications in Banking, Energy, Pharma, and Healthcare sectors.

One can obtain a degree in data science courses, specializing in BSc Data Science, BCA Data Science, BTech with data science specialization, or a master’s degree in data science, specializing in MSc in Data Science, MBA Data Science, and Analytics, MTech Data Science, MCA Data Science.

The syllabus of any Data Science Course will introduce you to concepts of data science tools, data science algorithms, and machine learning principles that help to gain some meaningful insights from unstructured data.

Bachelors in data science consists of undergraduate data science courses for 3 to 4 years duration, available in the domain of engineering and sciences. Data Science Courses Certification is a short-term course that helps in either enhancing the required skills for Data Science or understanding the basics of Data Science courses.

Students from engineering, economics, statistics, mathematics, computer science backgrounds pursue data science courses. Although, students from non-traditional backgrounds such as finance or management can also pursue data science courses.

The basic data science course eligibility criteria is passing class 12 (for bachelors in data science) with 50% aggregate marks and clarity of basic concepts of mathematics and statistics (Probability, Calculus, Algebra).

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