B.A Ancient History

B.A. Ancient History is a three years duration course that focuses on the study of the written past from the beginning of recorded human history to the Middle Ages. After completing this course, there are a lot of career opportunities available for students. Especially, B.A […]

ME Civil Engineering

Basically, M.E Civil Engineering is a two years postgraduate program. This course deals with the construction, design, and maintenance of structures such as bridges, canals, tunnels, buildings, waterworks, airports, etc. Having a degree in ME Civil Engineering offers some of the most lucrative jobs in […]

B.E Robotics Engineering

B.E Robotics Engineering is a four-year undergraduate program. Basically, this course deals with the study of the design and development of robots and their uses in manufacturing, defense, marine, medical and service industries. Nowadays pursuing an undergraduate degree in distance learning mode is popular among […]

BA Fine Arts

BA Fine Arts in distance education is a three-year undergraduate program. This course deals with education in the visual, fine, or performing arts. Basically, B.A Fine Arts course focuses on teaching graduates essential topics such as Aesthetic, Portrait Painting, Environmental Education, History of Arts, Composition […]


Sree Pashmi institute of management and science have been the leading distance education center in Tamil Nadu past 25 years.Sree Pashmi institute of management and science helps the students to study from various locations.This institution offers innovative courses which will be of immense help to […]

M.Sc. Mathematics in distance education

M.Sc. in Mathematics is a two-year post-graduate program available in much correspondence education in India. The program comprises classical Mathematics courses as well as skillful training in modern computing facilities in both symbolic and numerical computations. M.Sc. Mathematics introduces students to a wide choice of […]