BE Ceramics Engineering

BE Ceramics Engineering in distance education is a four-year undergraduate program that deals with the creation of objects from inorganic & non-metallic materials. Through this course, you can learn the basic fundamentals of Ceramics and their usage in real-time applications. 

Ceramics are mostly used in gas burner nozzles, Space Shuttle program, ballistic protection, biomedical implants, nuclear fuel uranium oxide pellets, jet engine turbine blades, and missile nose cones. Having a degree in BE Ceramics Engineering provides 

Pursuing BE Ceramics Engineering in distance education mode leads to innumerable career opportunities in Aerospace, Mining, Construction, Electronics, Medical, Optical Fibers, Sports, Transportation, Military &, etc.

Ceramics engineers are trained in manufacturing airframes, aircraft engines, space shuttles, tiles, etc. After successfully completing BE Ceramics Engineering in Ceramic Technologist, Ceramic Designer, Technician, Production Worker, Construction Manager, Marketing Executive, Professor, and Researcher. 

The core subjects of BE Ceramics Engineering in distance education mode include Solid State Physics & Chemistry, Thermo & Kinetics, Introduction to Ceramics, Geology, Physical Testing of Ceramic Raw Materials, Chemical Analysis of Cer Rawmats & Products, and Engineering Materials Science. 

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