A bachelor’s degree in engineering provides students with the fundamental engineering training they need to start exciting careers in the engineering field. With an extensive variety of engineering specialties available, including aerospace, biomedical, environmental and technology, engineering students have the opportunity to find the perfect niche for their career interests.

Bachelor of Computer Application, is a 3-year UG course that imparts knowledge on the basics of computer application and software development. With the increasing popularity of computers, the IT industry is also evolving and growing. Computer Application is defined as the computer program designed to perform a group of coordinated functions and tasks for the benefit of the user. The students of computer applications basically study those software programs to learn to operate the system.

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is an undergraduate degree course in computer applications. With the rapid growth of the IT industry in India, the demand for computer professionals is increasing day by day. This increasing growth of the IT industry has created a lot of opportunities for computer graduates.

The student can work as a system engineer, junior programmer, web developer or as a system administrator. This field provides you ample opportunities to make your career not only in the private sector but also in the public sector. The government organizations like NIC, Indian Army, Indian Air Force and India Navy also recruit a large number of computer professionals for their IT department.

During the course of the programme various classroom lessons, practicals, lab sessions, project work, assignments, presentations and group discussions are done to enrich students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The BCA course is basically designed for those students who possess aptitude skills and wish to learn various perspectives of computer applications such as networking, application development, database management, system security, etc.

BCA is an excellent course option for you. The course will provide you with the skills which you can directly apply in the field. BCA will provide you an insight into the applications of computers. It will also give you adequate programming knowledge. While doing a BCA course, you can explore such diversified areas as system engineering, software engineering, animation engineering, and computer security. These are those fields, which are in use in one form or the other in almost every organization these days.

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