BBA Course is a three year undergraduate business management course that imparts managerial and entrepreneurial skills to students through BBA Subjects. BBA courses are available in various specializations such as Finance, Marketing and HR Management. Bachelor of Business Administration is available to students from all streams like Arts, Science and Commerce.

Today there is a great need for formal education in management principles, techniques and skills among young boys and girls to cope with the development of industries and IT education. Business management with computer applications will certainly help the students to specialize in the areas of business like production, finance, personnel, marketing and systems. Management is a multi – dimensional and multi- colored discipline coupled with our day to day life. The practice of management, as a matter of fact, dates back to the emergence of human civilization.

BBA comes from the branches of Business Studies which provide us knowledge of doing business, understanding peoples, managing people, Handling tough and critical customer relationships, and communication skills as well.

This course is open for all three streams Science, Commerce and Arts as well. During the whole course, there will be many subjects which will brainstorm like Quantitative Techniques, Regular Framework, Cost-Benefit Analysis, COGS analysis, COGS of COGS, Market saturation, market, etc.

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