BBA in Logistics Management is a 3 years job oriented degree which focuses on skill development for marketing, accounting & organizational behavior along with necessary skill sets required to take up jobs as inventory planning, distribution planning, logistics management, import and export management, transportation management and supply chain management.

The programme module imparts students with the in-depth understanding of functions and contribution of supply chain management, the concept of logistics management, operational objectives of integrated logistics, the impact of forecasts on logistics and supply chain management, and others.

The undergraduate programme incorporates both theory and practical sessions to give students a generous head start on the career ladder. Upon completion, students can either pursue post-graduation in the same discipline or establish a career in the business world.

A Logistics and Supply chain manager may manage the warehouse and inventory operations or transportation of goods who remove the bottlenecks and obstacles to create a safe path for all logistical operations. Logistics also has safety issues, he has to coordinate with his team to ensure that the warehouse, cargo handling equipment and trucks are regularly inspected, maintained as per standards.

The Logistics Industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. Students who specialize themselves in this area will definitely get jobs with high remuneration in India as well as abroad.

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